Insurance, Thatcham & Dealer approved makes the Cobra Trak Plus a must have Tracker!

The Cobra Trak Plus offers GPS stolen vehicle tracking and allows you to monitor your car online, via a computer or mobile phone.

Advanced features on the Cobra Track Plus include;

▪ Tow-away alert – triggered when motion is detected with the ignition switched off.
▪ Tamper alert – activated when the system battery is disconnected or discharged or the wiring is cut.
▪ GSM jamming alert – triggered when an attempt is made to jam the GSM signal.

For Thatcham, Insurance & Dealer approved. Advanced features included.

Against Internet subscription charges are slightly higher than its competitors at £185.

Subscription options:

Option 1 : 1 Year : £138

Option 2 : Life Time : £395 – Covers you for the ownership of vehicle (not transferable)

Optional add on – £185 so you can track your vehicle online from any PC.

Tracker price: 

From £299 – £499 fitted.

Where to buy:

We only recommend having a Car Tracker installed by a approved car tracking center with thatcham approved engineers.